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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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continuum for the people going there -- and i see that this is very inadequate in the number of spots for them. one of the things, it makes a number of people needing shelter from the actual facility is the situation in the s.r.o. it makes them worse than shelters as far as making products. this fosters the development. with the contagion of tobacco smoke. people used to this small, --
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smell, and soon they are addicted themselves. second-hand smoke is one of the leading causes of avoidable deaths in this country. the american lung association, they want the smoke free housing. san francisco is rated a d. the set up does not give the possibility for people to designate that they want smoke- free housing. the smoky buildings causing more drug addictions, and of like to make certain that we get anyone who wants access the opportunity
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to live in a building that is free of smoke. >> thank you, so much. the next speaker? there are only a couple more speakers. we will close public, and very quickly. >> i am talking about the building i live that. this has not changed where i live that. i have been attacked by someone who keeps harassing me. this just goes on. i have been having problems since i moved in this place. i filed this report awhile back.
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the volunteers with a social worker -- it just keeps on going. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i am shane springer, a community health worker. an i am to youth worker, both licensed by the state of california. this last semester i had to drop out of the city college, finishing the last course that i had, because of disability. i lost my apartment that me and my girlfriend were living in.
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after four years of living in apartment, after 20 years of being in and out of the s.r.o.'s. the disability that i have -- is a disorder in my legs that causes ulcers, open ulcers, around my ankles and i had to move back into the warfield hotel. and that building is extremely infested with mice. we have caught 15 in the last few weeks. just in my room alone. it is very rampant there and when approached about the subject, the management has got a hostile, and told me if i
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didn't like it, pest control dealt with this. they squirted one time in the corner, for cockroaches. we don't know what doto do about the mouse infestation. we don't really know what to do. we don't know what we are dealing with there. and the management and their handling of the situation. this is not going very well. i thank you for your time and what you are doing. >> my understanding is the code enforcement, this is probably the right enforced an entity to check in with if you have not already spoken to the management of the building. the last speaker?
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>> i live at the warfield hotel. it was kind of frustrating, i thought this was already illegal. if they have these violations -- we don't know who to go to. you can look up the former complaints for this address. this is from the last two decades. they are not being forced to do anything. we told them someone peed in the elevator. there were human feces in the hallway. it took them a couple of hours
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to address this. thyerere are inspectors coming. they decide not to let you in. the enforcement, if that is what it takes, most tenants are more than happy -- if you want to hear our stories, we want to -- we want this more than they do. >> thank you for the testimony? would anyone else like to
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speak? we will close public comment. >> hi. let me explain my scenario. we need tougher enforcement, and more laws and regulation, with these owners -- who have all these bedbugs, the elevators, and i will start by doing that. this is the california states elevators -- and they will come out to inspect the elevator. this is not a city and county of san francisco issue. we need more inspectors and tougher regulations -- and we
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need more policies and procedures, to talk about what this will look like. you should not allow these boxes -- and i want to talk about this city-funded s.r.o.'s. they can do whatever they want, and they have an exemption. to get someone from the city and county of san francisco, this just seems very hard. this is basically -- my experience at the hotel under the community partnership housing has gone so bad but they
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refuse to do anything to put me into habitable housing. i have been withholding rent. this is my second time withholding rent. i refuse to unless they give me habitable housing. >> this gentleman is the last speaker. >> thank you for giving me the opportunity. i work for the that this will community services, and so i just want to say thank you for giving the opportunity to all of these speakers. but the population with the seniors, and i ask you to consider all the recommendations but i really want you to consider the
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enforcement, with the city- funded programs. i would like for you to consider that along with the stronger problems that we have across the community. >> and with that, we will close public comment. i know a number of questions came up. i am wondering if we have comments, if we could have pictures from the department of building inspection. the department of aging and adult services, that would like to respond. where is the right place to call, and which department will we go to to follow up on the basic, decent living. >> housing inspection -- this is
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for complaints about the housing code. i want to address something that they brought up here near the end. this is at the top of the hit -- top of the list right now. we are issuing a 16-page notice of violation. there is great demand for our service. we also take this very seriously. we are pushing forward case after case after case. you see this in every city in the country. they're willing to do that for a tenant complaint. we refer cases to the city attorney on a regular basis. one landlord, he has had litigation with -- the owner, with a record amount of
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penalties. when people live in conditions like this, and have been for 20 years this is very emotional. these are things that we see every day. the majority of property owners are very responsible. we have landlords to call us up and are berating us. they do not want to follow the law. the process is very serious. we notify all of the lenders. there are seven of overt -- seven other hotels. we have a craft that i showed earlier.
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>> a number of speakers -- these conditions have gone on. some of those coming from the grassroots organizations -- they are strengthening the law so that there can be follow- through. that came forward, very clearly. i wonder why we have such a hard time enforcing the existing law. >> of the obstacles that we face. this is like a mole popping up in different places. this is one citation against one landlord. another building, you have problems with these buildings.
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this is one of the problems that you are facing. we're very eager to work with them. these are the things that we have been fighting over. >> supervisor camp? -- kim? supervisor kim: i missed the earlier presentation, but in terms of your work, what do you think that we need in order to better prosecute these property owners with the violations -- do we have enough resources? is this a funding issue? i want to see what we could better support with the work that you guys are doing. >> we would definitely use more resources.
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this is very important. we have tools that the other cities to not utilize. we have increased the fines, and we are expected to announce a record number of counties. we hope that the landlords will see this. we will see what is happening to them. >> if we increase the fees and penalties, with this lead to better enforcement and staffing? supervisor cohen: i have a couple of questions.
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we have the budget proposal and looking for to this budget conversation for this week. prioritizing with certain neighborhoods and certain issues and complaints over others. i represent the southeastern neighborhoods. this is extremely sensitive to this. we have open notices of violation that are open for years and years. i have tons of property owners that are absent, not present. they don't care about the property with those that their housing. this is extremely frustrating. this is your department -- you are not the leadership
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department. i am not out in the field in your district. this is just so heartbreaking to listen to the testimony. things that we know, we have heard the testimony over and over again of people who have been living here and we know what these issues are. i feel like this is a priority. not just of the commission but of the department. you can come and get in line. i am not finished with my rant. i am almost there. enough is enough. at what time do we prioritize this as the number one priority. when it comes to code
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enforcement, this is where i am most impassioned about the lack of code enforcement. this is probably above your pay grade. what i am talking about here, is not always about needing more money, full-time. this is the department policy. this is set by the commission, working in tandem with the commission and the department head. to be sure that the quality of life is protected. they are living in the rental units. people who are living in public housing. i see some of the same
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complaints and mold and build it. i had to get this off of my chest. >> we have to divisions on code enforcement
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i have that posted in the office as a reminder every single day to make sure that people do not have to work in those kinds of conditions. >> supervisors, thank you very much for this year -- this hearing, for the attention over the last couple of years. i have been on the building commission for a good part of the last 10 years. every meeting we deal with an issue. and the issue is primary code enforcement. and whenever the director of our department has prioritize code enforcement, generally what happens, there is pressure on her from different political sectors that dissuades our
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department from code enforcement. it is happening now we have -- it is happening now. we have a director that is possibly setting up a whole division of coast -- code enforcement that is separate. i think that supervisor wiener would understand the need for having some sort of separation in the code enforcement from possibly inspecting and permitting. we have some of the most horrific conditions on an ongoing basis with some of the residential hotels. we need to prioritize this. i would say that we need to look at increasing fines on serial
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offenders. a lot of the work that we are doing to upgrade our i t systems that we have instant access to know about serial offenders as well as the lack of complying with the notice of violation, you know, supervisor cohen, that some of these cases go back five years or 10 years. and we see them as commission ers and it is 10 years later. it makes it difficult to act in an emergency situation. all of the work we're doing on trying to get out into the 21st century on our computer system and be able to follow the reports and it to be sure that these things do not linger. i think the ideas coming from the community about making sure
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that the managers of these buildings have better training -- we have several of these buildings with master leases where we are not only paying for them, to house them, but we are also not enforcing or creating a sense of urgency around the violations and the bedbugs and rodents and things that you and i would not live in. i agree with you. and i think that we have certainly has a department committing fraud -- committed funding to code enforcement outreach programs. i think that we have added money to increase the out reached for seniors. i think we could spend a lot more time working on the communication between our inspectors and the code enforcement outreach employees i
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think that the coded for the outreach program does a great job considering how many thousands of rooms, tens of thousands of rooms that we are dealing with. and, you know, hundreds of buildings. these things need to be brought up immediately. and even if we notice a violation, sometimes the building owners do not have the assets to fix the problem adequately. again, as jamie talked about, we have an adequate personnel. we're running into the delays of bureaucracy. all of these things will help. if you guys prioritize it and direct our department to really take code enforcement seriously
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and support the director in doing that, it would take a large step forward. >> i would have to agree with you. the directors seems to be definitely committed. >> absolutely. >> one thing i did learn about the outreach program is when we issued an rfp for a nonprofit organization for our reach. >> great. gregg's i'm curious to know from your perspective as commissioner for the last 10 years, what are some of the competing priorities that would prevent these from being a priority within a department? >> sometimes it is favoritism toward the people running the buildings, or owning the buildings?
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we have a tendency not to take building inspection seriously. i do not know of any other department that takes housing codes so seriously, as jamie said. it is not necessarily supported within the department. i think code enforcement authority would do a lot for our department.
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doing out reached to the managers and owners of the hotel will go a long way. increasing the fines when there is a serial offender. these building owners understand that, if we take it seriously. >> >> maybe you can describe to me the relationship as you have come to understand it between dbi and the training process. >> we have as one of the committee's underneath the commission, the litigation committee. and the commission on a regular basis reviews with staff those projects that are not being resolved. and we, together, work with the city attorney's office to litigate. there is a strong relationship between the two -- between
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housing and the city attorney's and staying on top of those. initially, the task force can refer themselves and the department itself usually refers to the commission. we all have a relationship with the city attorney as far as litigating and moving the next step along. gregg's we're going to lose a number of our members here. let me open the floor to colleagues to make remarks. thank you, commissioner walker. supervisor kim. >> thank you. i do want to say a couple of words because i do want to thank you for writing the monologue. a couple of things that i have heard today that